Avoid Doing These Chores & You Will Fight Less In Your Relationship

Let’s be honest, no one likes doing chores. There is an collective groan that goes across the universe when someone mentions chores because we all just feel each other’s pain. However, there are some chores that we really hate more than others and they are causing more issues other than just being a pain. According to a  survey, 80% of people report getting into fights about doing chores.

However the question is, is it about doing chores in general or are we fighting about specific chores that we hate? Apparently, we have an answer for that too because according to the survey there are chores that make us fight more than others.

So to help you avoid an argument with your significant other today, maybe just stop doing these chores….

1.  Washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen.

2.  Doing laundry ( THIS IS MY LEAST FAVORITE)

3.  Cleaning the bathroom, including the toilet ( I actually don’t mind this, does that make me weird?)

4.  Sweeping and vacuuming

5.  Cooking meals and grocery shopping


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