Bacon Flavored Coffee? Latte Perfume?

Are Americans showing an unprecedented level of fascination with coffee? The resounding answer is yes. The evidence lies in the recent surge in searches, reaching an all-time high on Google.

In December, the U.S. witnessed an unparalleled spike in searches related to “coffee,” making it the most sought-after beverage globally. Delving into the coffee-centric statistics reveals intriguing trends:

  1. Last week, the top trending search in the realm of “flavored coffee” was “bacon flavored coffee,” an unconventional option that is now available for purchase.
  2. Among the various “coffee flavored” items sought after, the top spot goes to “coffee flavored cereal.” Although Dunkin’ had introduced such a product a few years ago, it has since been discontinued. However, OffLimits offers a coffee-flavored cereal named Dash.
  3. January marked an all-time high for searches related to “latte art,” with a notable interest in a tool known as a “cinnamon pen” for creating intricate designs.
  4. The emerging trend of “iced coffee tastings” has gained popularity, particularly in Ohio, where it has become somewhat of an obsession.
  5. An extraordinary surge of 2,500% in searches for “latte perfume” over the past year has been observed, with New Jersey leading the pack in interest. Notably, a brand named Giardini di Toscana offers three-ounce bottles of this aromatic concoction at the price of $150.


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