Barbie Table in the Microwave

All guys seem to get scolded in their own homes when using the microwave.  It’s true.  Have you ever noticed when you put food in the microwave and you hear that little pop, your wife asks, “Did you cover that?!!”?   No, I didn’t.  I like cleaning up the explosions that happen inside the microwave.  It’s kind of a hobby.

But I have learned something about warming up dishes in the microwave.  For years, I’d been tossing these little pizza box spacers into the recycling bin once the pizza is gone.  However they come in handy in the microwave.

My wife calls them Barbie tables.  But if you cover up a dish that contains cheese or other sticky stuff, you pop a Barbie table on top before you cover it and you won’t have all of the cheese stuck to the napkin or plastic wrap.  BTW: Have you ever noticed how many people have a paper towel permanently installed on the turntable in the microwave?  I think a lot of kids grow up thinking they come that way from the factory.

But look.  No “uck” getting all over the microwave and no paper parts getting stuck to the chicken or chicken stuck to the paper towel.  Let’s tear into some Costco rotisserie chicken!

I never get to provide any real high-level hacks.  Mine are all low level like this one.  Someone showed me this a while back and you’ll probably dismiss it as “redneck”, but at some point – you’ll do it.

My friend also schooled me on a wet paper towel being used as a UNIVERSAL lid in the microwave.  Odd shaped glass bowl that you are about to zap?  Soak a paper towel, stretch it over the top and hit GO on the microwave.  Let’s see if the term “Barbie Table” gets used at your house soon.  #BarbieTable

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