Blinded By the Light in Your Commute?

This time of year, we all seem to get a face-full of direct sunlight during the morning and afternoon commute.  You may have had your windshield light up to the point where you can’t see the road, other cars or anything else.  What I’ve learned is that it is usually caused by nasty film on the INSIDE of your windshield.  If you don’t believe me, give this a try.  Next time you can’t see a thing, add to the danger by grabbing a Kleenex and wiping it across the inside of your windshield.    Hey look.  A clean spot …where you can see perfectly.  

I drive home on Courthouse road which is usually no big deal when it comes to the headlights of traffic coming toward me because of the median, but when I turn onto Robert E Lee, it’s another story.  The road is a little narrow but that too is no big deal …until the road vanishes when you’re blinded by oncoming headlights.  Again, keep the INSIDE of your windshield clean to give yourself a fighting chance.  One other thing about driving on Robert E Lee and a few other rural roads.  There are NO shoulders to a lot of these roads and they are narrow to begin with.  I don’t understand people riding their bikes on roads like that.  I’ve read comments where riders say, “I have a right to be here”.   To me, that sounds like a right to die.  We’ll put that on your headstone.  Ride on safer roads with room for all.  I love to take my bike out for a ride but I think I choose the route a little more carefully than some.  Let’s all be safe sharing the road out there.  …And go clean the inside of your windshield.  

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