Bonnie is evil!

So, everyone knows I love food and I’m always looking for cool, local places to try.

Okay, here’s where Bonnie comes in…..

The other day, I mentioned I saw T&T Deli on Courthouse and wondered out loud if it was any good. That started Bonnie’s evil story of how her husband had stopped in and ordered a Cheese Steak sandwich. The way she described it, husband was wowed on how much food you get, how great it tasted, how nice the people were, yada yada yada….

That hooked me. Evil Bonnie!

Today, I stopped in, ordered the Cheese Steak, large of course. Holy Jeez! You get a lot of food for a very, and I mean very, reasonable price!

The first pic is sandwich and the next gives you a little perspective. That’s a full size paper plate! This sandwich was HUGE! I had to split it with Hunter from our sister station Live 99-3!

Try this place…but bring cash…no credit or debit. #T&TDeli #Cheesesteak


Now, I need a nap! Evil Bonnie!



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