Broody Dolly!

My Buff Orpington wants to be a Mom!  She is so cute making her little sounds.  Even when she sounds like a dinosaur when she screams for everyone to leave her alone.  She went broody a few months back but we were able to stop it pretty quickly.  She then ended up laying 14 eggs in a row.  I knew she was trying to go broody again.  She was laying all those eggs in a row for her clutch.

We had to put Dolly in the basement bathroom (chicken hospital).  She was not happy.  But we had to separate her from the other chickens.  She was getting picked on.


We brought her out and gave her a nice cool bath to cool down those hormones.  haha  She didn’t mind.  She laid right in the tub.  It probably felt good because her belly was HOT!

Dolly in cold bath.
Dolly in closed pen area.

We have a pen that we used outside for the littles when they first arrived.  We have a nice canopy to keep it the area shaded.  We had to put Dolly in there yesterday.  We gave her a peach and a treat block to occupy her time.  haha

She is still broody but not as bad so we will be keeping an eye on her for the next several days.

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