Burger Fatigue Or Not, It’s National Hamburger Day!

Usually, I’d be thrilled about a complimentary burger, but after devouring four of them, my enthusiasm is a bit tempered. Happy National Hamburger Day! It just happens to be today May 28th, right after Memorial Day this year.

If you missed out on burger indulgence yesterday, some national chains are offering tempting deals (as always these may be at participating locations only):

  1. Wendy’s is practically giving away Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers for a mere penny if you order via their website or app. The offer extends until Sunday, giving you time to recover from your burger feast.
  2. Burger King is celebrating its 70th anniversary with a week-long extravaganza of deals. Today, you can snag a free hamburger by spending just 70 cents and signing up for their rewards program. The same deal applies for the rest of the week on other items.
  3. Arby’s is offering half-price burgers to its loyal rewards members until Sunday.

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