Buying Your Kid A New Swim Suit?

It’s that time of year that everyone is out and at the pool, beach, lake, etc. That means for a lot of people, you have to go swim suit shopping because the ones from last year didn’t fit. Well here’s a helpful tip for parents and those without kids to keep all safe…

If you’re shopping for a new bathing suit, don’t buy light blue or light green ones.  It’s even more important with KIDS’ bathing suits.


Here’s why. A company called Alive Solutions did two studies in a lake and a swimming pool and those two colors were the hardest to see in the water.  White was bad too. This means they’re harder to see when keeping an eye on your kids and they’re the hardest for Lifeguards to see too.

They tested 14 different colors, and NEONS were the best.  The easiest colors to see in a pool were neon pink and neon orange.  For lakes or the ocean, neon orange ranked high again.  But neon pink wasn’t so great.

So your tip for the day is if you’re buying your kid a new suit or yourself, bright orange is a good choice overall.

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