New Bridal Shop In Town

Okay Fredericksburg brides, I am talking to you. Now that I am a bride to be, I am into all things bridal and wedding of course and the number one thing on my mind is where am I going to look for wedding dresses?! Let’s be honest, this is the one thing all brides are thinking about and there are so many options to choose from but there is one unique place that has just opened in downtown Fredericksburg that I am so excited to check out for the full bridal package.

Have you heard of True Bride? True Bride is not like any other bridal shop that I have heard of and what I love is they are all about celebrating how unique each bride is! I got to talk with the owner of the brand new shop in downtown Fredericksburg right behind Wild Hare Cidery and check out the new location which just opened this weekend. They had a Sky Bar take over where every drink you got over the weekend came in a True Bride cup and that is where I got to talk to the owner, Katie.

Katie is the owner of True Bride, and her main goal is to allow each bride to be authentically them. What this means is that  no matter your budget, your feel, your size, or your shape, you deserve an incredible experience. Katie’s bubbly personality and honest presence is what drew me in during our conversation and her passion behind wedding dresses and brides really made me feel like family and excited about finding my dress.

Another unique trait with True Bride, is they have 100% completely customizable gowns, so no matter the request big or small, Katie and the team can get you your dream dress. Now you are probably wondering what else makes True Bride such a unique place to get your gown here, well its the experience. They have customizable packages for each bride to celebrate finding her authentically her dress- whether its a private appointment in the salon or a celebration table at Wild Hare after the experience, making your own candle scent to celebrate or just having a nice dinner, Katie and the team at True Bride will help to make all the plans unique for each appointment.

I also love how True Bride has teamed up with so many downtown Fredericksburg businesses to really get involved in the community and create a unique Fredericksburg bridal experience and show the love for the area. True Bride is already becoming the talk of the town and seems to be evolving to the destination for Fredericksburg brides. I could go on for days but if you are a bride make sure to check it out for yourself and find your dream dress at a place that will celebrate YOU.

Whether you find your dream dress there or not, at least you will walk away with an experience to remember! If you are interested make sure to check out their website and socials.

(P.S. This is not an ad/endorsement. It was a shop I found on my own and excited to share with community brides.)

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