Check Out My Banana Hammock

A few weeks ago, my wife said she was buying a Banana hammock.  I swear, that was a joke term that someone used for a jock strap years ago.  In fact, it might be an actual term for some kind of guys underwear by now but the Banana Hammocks have now arrived.  Why?  Well, I’m still learning that part.  

My wife is a nut for all sorts of animals and wildlife.  A while back, she read an article that said to leave out oranges that have gone bad and they will attract hummingbirds.  ‘Haven’t seen any hummingbirds show up yet.  I’m told there is at least one bear that shows up in the woods behind our house now and then but he hasn’t shown up to grab an orange either.  

Hammock 2

But no kidding, there are now two Banana Hammocks hanging in the trees by one of our sheds that the cats hang out in.  She is watching with great anticipation to see if any hummingbirds show up to get a treat from one of these bananas and provide some entertainment for the cats.  I’m not sure if I want it to work or fail.  If it fails, we’ll take down the metal hooks holding the bananas and call it good.  If they work, I’ll have a banana hammock in the trees for life or longer.  

Hammock 3

Do you know of anything that lures in wildlife like this?  I left out a salt-lick that the horses were done with hoping to offer a treat for the deer that show up around our place.  Our neighbors were always posting pictures of deer in their backyard and my wife was playfully yelling, “Stop Bogarting the wildlife” because they’d hang out there regularly but never made it to our house. 

If you know anything about fresh fruit, you probably know that for you and I, green bananas are the best thing you can eat but ripe bananas are awful for us because they become straight sugar.  Well, hummingbirds RUN on straight sugar so this should work.  We’ll see.

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