Contactless Payment At A Wishing Well?

A wishing well in England has recently switched to contactless payments, meaning you can’t toss coins in anymore. Unfortunately, it’s not going well (pun intended).

The well is part of an ancient Roman bathhouse in Bath, England, which is 2,000 years old. Originally, it was a cold-water pool for people to cool off in after a hot bath.

For years, tourists tossed coins into the well for good luck, generating significant revenue for the charity managing the bathhouse. However, this changed when the bathhouse closed during the pandemic and switched to contactless payments in 2022.

You can still make a wish or a donation for good luck, but you must drop your coin in a box or use a credit card to donate, which obviously lacks the same charm.

As a result, donations have plummeted from $133,000 a year to under $14,000. It appears they might bring in even less this year.

Officials say the change wasn’t made to be unkind. Tossing coins was damaging the bath structure, and retrieving and cleaning the coins was costly. That’s why they made the switch.

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