Dinner by the River

I don’t have the skills or expertise to be a restaurant critic but I can recommend things now and then just from having a good experience.  I know this place isn’t new to you but let me remind you what a great night out it is to have dinner at Brock’s.  The food was fantastic, the service was outstanding and the view speaks for itself.  What a cool setting.

Brock’s Riverside Grill

So cool to see the Amtrak trains crossing this old concrete bridge too.  Not only was the food great, we were thrilled with how nice Christian, our server was.  One other nice surprise was that my wife booked this a few weeks in advance and like most restaurants, they asked if you are celebrating anything.  It was my wife’s birthday but we both know to never tell anyone that.  Even if someone offers a free dessert or a free dinner and a free sports car to drive home, there is always the chance they will bring the staff out to sing to one of us and at that point, we dive off of the deck into the river.  While it was a special occasion that we didn’t tell anyone about, when they seated us in the middle of the restaurant at first, someone took the time to look at the reservation and came back and moved us to a table right by the window, which my wife had requested.  Very nice of them to do that.

It was so cool to have dinner and drinks looking out over the river.  The geese (even Gary) were having a good day on the river and there was an occasional kayak or little fishing boat that floated by.  What a cool night out.  I won’t bore you with pictures of our food because I’ve never understood people who do that but the whole thing was great.  Street parking can be a challenge but there are enough little parking lots nearby and one bigger parking lot (VRE) next to the train station.

Brock’s Riverside Grill

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