DIY Mother’s Day Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank

Look, I don’t want you to panic but Mother’s Day is right around the corner… literally on SUNDAY. So instead trying to find that last minute meaningful gift that you are going to have to run around to different stores like a chicken with your head cut off, why not start working on a DIY project now?

If you are like me, you would like to spend a lot of money on your Mom who really deserves the world for everything she has done for you. BUT with this economy and inflation, that may not be feasible. So, I have put together a list of DIY projects that won’t break the bank and that will still give your Mom a smile and show her how much you love her.

1. Scrapbook- Mom’s are known for making scrapbooks for their kids of their birth, first day out of the hospital, first steps, first words, first day of schools, graduations, weddings and so on. But who is continuing their Mom’s book of adult life? They would love to see your favorite memories with them in a scrapbook.

2. Mother’s Day Playlist: Put together a playlist of you favorite songs that remind you of your Mom and show your feelings towards her.

3. Chore Coupons: Mom’s always like a little extra help around the house right? So put together a chore coupon book that she can “cash in” for all the chores you may not always want to do.

4. “What I Love About Mom” Book- Sometimes all Mom’s want to hear is how much they are loved and appreciated. So, put together a who book telling all the things you love about your Mom. It will be something she cherishes forever.

5. Video Tributes: Make a video tribute of pictures and home videos of you and your mom and all the amazing memories you have had together. It will be sure to bring happy tears to her eyes.

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