“Elf” Turns 20 Years Old This Year! Here Are Some Little Known Movie Facts…

“Elf” has become a staple in my family when it comes to Christmastime as a must-watch movie of the season! Honestly, it’s not Christmas until Buddy the Elf eats his spaghetti, maple syrup, candy dish – as disgusting as that is! I know my family is not the only one who has “Elf” on their must-watch Christmas movie list and in honor of the movie turning 20 this year (how did that happen?!) – I decided to share some little known facts about the movie so when “Elf” trivia comes to a bar near you- you will be a master of the movie and of trivia. You are welcome!

Happy 20th Anniversary “Elf”!

  • Will Ferrell wasn’t the first choice to play Buddy the Elf.  The script was written all the way back in 1993 with Jim Carrey in mind.  But he dropped out sometime during the decade it took to get it made.
  •  Buddy’s costume was based on the outfits the elves wore in “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”.
  •  Buddy’s 12-second burp was actually performed by Maurice LaMarche, who did the voice of The Brain on “Pinky and the Brain”.
  •  Will Ferrell really ate all that sugar, including the maple syrup-coated spaghetti and candy.
  • Will turned down a reported $29 million to make a sequel . . . because he was worried it would suck and people would accuse him of doing it for the money.

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