Employers Adding Scents At Work, Good Idea Or Does It Stink

Could the prospect of returning to the office be more appealing if the fragrance of sandalwood permeated the air? Apparently some employers are introducing fragrances into workspaces to enhance the mood of their employees.

Rather than relying on a single scent, companies are opting for custom blends. This opens up opportunities for innovative firms to assist employers in curating a personalized aroma for their workspace or for that one colleague who is already passionate about essential oils.

One company, for instance, utilizes a blend comprising 35 ingredients. This includes “Asian Sambac Jasmine,” known for boosting happiness and confidence, “Indian Sandalwood” for alleviating anxiety, and “Italian Pine” to combat fatigue. The trend suggests a growing interest in how smells can help out at work.

Good idea or bad? Do you want your workplace to have a specific scent and if so, what is it?

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