Ever Find A Critter In Your Christmas Tree?

Have you ever found a critter in your Christmas tree? Lots of little creatures can take up residence, from birds to squirrels, even snakes and insects.

If you’re going for a real tree this year and haven’t gotten it yet, here’s some advice: Ensure that the tree is thoroughly shaken before it’s loaded onto your car. Many places may skip this step without notifying you, and neglecting it could result in introducing a plethora of insects into your home.

Various creepy crawlies tend to take refuge in Christmas trees, such as mites, aphids, bark beetles, moths, spiders, weevils, and even praying mantises. The situation can escalate if these critters lay eggs that subsequently multiply.

To address this issue, consider the following quick tips:

  1. Before purchasing, examine the tree using a flashlight. Look out for small white specks or anything resembling eggs. If you spot a larger structure resembling a small pinecone, it might be a praying mantis egg sac containing up to 200 babies.
  2. Ensure the tree undergoes a thorough shaking process. If a mechanical tree shaker isn’t available, shake it vigorously yourself, which also helps remove dead needles.
  3. Conduct a second inspection when you reach home. Before bringing the tree indoors, double-check to ensure that the shaking didn’t disturb anything. Trees cut down personally are more likely to harbor bugs.
  4. If you happen to notice a few insects, remain calm. Avoid squashing them, as it may release eggs. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner to safely remove them.


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