Ankle Socks Are Dead?!?!?

It’s official, ankle socks are dead.

According to the latest chatter, Gen Z has purportedly laid to rest ANKLE SOCKS. As evidence, a TikTok video claims that if you visit a gym, you’ll spot numerous Millennials sporting ankle socks (but hardly anyone under the age of 30 and that number is going up). This is truth, I’ve seen it first-hand.

Gen Z, it seems, favors crew socks, which extend a bit further, reaching mid-calf height.

To be honest, I’m good with it. Not mid-calf, but definitely somewhere south of it but north of the ankle. Ankle socks just always felt like I was trying to hard to look like I wasn’t wearing any socks, as if they were an eyesore. Another benefit…they are bigger and therefore harder to lose somewhere between the dryer and the dresser- the sock graveyard.

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