Need For Speed!

A few weekends ago, we got to hang out with the crew at Morton’s BMW.  Great bunch of guys and an incredible event.  Normally you can walk around and admire the motorcycles but in this case, they were encouraging everyone to hop on and ride one.  On Friday, we were doing a live broadcast so I couldn’t really take the time for a ride so I went back on Saturday and WOW.   A test ride turned out to be a thrill ride.


My friend always jokes about samples saying, “Your first pipe full of crack is free and then you’re hooked”.    He’s a weird guy but in this case, he’s almost right.  These bikes are habit-forming.  When they asked which bike I was going to ride, I told them it was the M1000R.  To which they said, “Really” and they said nothing else.  What the heck is “Really”?   Well I found out and asked Jack when I got back.  He said, “That’s the racing bike”.   It is exactly that.  When we were pulling out of the lot, I had looked down for a second because the foot pegs are back a little bit, compared to my bike.  When I looked up, the guy leading the ride and the two riders ahead of me had taken off so I pulled out and gunned it.  In less than 3 seconds, I was in NEBRASKA!  WOW this bike is fast.  I’ve been riding since way before I was 16 and this is the fastest thing I’ve ever been on.


It’s full of features and even has a mode button.  To which I had to ask, “What’s a mode button”.  Mine doesn’t have that.  This bike adjusts the ride for what you are doing and even makes changes for rain and more.


I don’t dazzle easily but I was floored.   Big thanks to Matt, Jack and the whole Morton’s team for opening up the playground for all of us.  Who does that?!!!  The BMW Motorrad truck rolled in with what I’m guessing is the entire line of bikes.  ALL of us lining up to ride were geeked about the opportunity.  The truck may be gone now but the bikes and the crew are still there.  Do yourself a favor and go take a ride.  But just know, there’s a good chance that bike is going home with you so have someone drop you off.

Morton’s BMW


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