First Date Etiquette Tips For A Successful First Date

I am by no means a dating expert. Heck it took a lot of “L’s” for me to find my loving relationship that I have now. But what I do believe is that there is someone out there for everyone and sometimes it just takes dating practice. So here are some tips from when I went on first dates that usually ended up in getting a second date- and now led me to the love of my life.

I wish you the best of luck in the dating world! It’s scary out there… stay safe kids.

First Date Etiquette

1. Men be gentleman meaning open the doors for women including the car and restaurant, offer to drive, pull the chair out for your date and so on. I don’t know where the idea of being a “gentleman” disappeared too but I promise ladies that allowing a man to open a door for you does not mean you are not independent or not a feminist.

2. Remember your manners. Such a disappearing concept it seems. Chew with your mouth closed, don’t talk with your mouth full, say please and thank you… you know, common sense.

3. Women don’t EXPECT your date to pay for your meal. Be willing to pay for your own.

4. Stay off your phone. There is nothing worse than sitting at a dinner table and having someone on their phone the ENTIRE time. Might as well just take yourself out to eat.

5. Have no expectations. By avoiding expectations whether good or bad, you allow the situation to just evolve naturally and good things could come from this.

6. Avoid drinking to much the first time out. You don’t want your date to think you are a drunk and you don’t want to embarrass yourself.

7. Be comfortable in your clothing. You always want to dress to impress but don’t go over the top to where you are uncomfortable because you will not enjoy the night.

8. Be honest about what you do and don’t like whether it is food, drink or activities because by doing or eating something you really like, you will be able to be yourself more.

9. Listen, don’t just talk. Make sure you are actively listening and learning about your date rather than just talking all about yourself. It’s a two way street to getting to know each other.

10. BE YOURSELF. If you can’t be yourself on the first date, then that is a bad omen for the future. Nerves are normal but being someone you think your date wants rather than yourself will only start an endless style of pretending. Be proud of yourself.

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