Free Stream.  But wait…

My wife burns through our “high speed internet” time way before the month ends because she likes to leave a TV on in the background while she works.  She’s a Certified Medical Coder, which is some high level detail-work and it’s kind of stressful – so I just stay out of the way and let her burn through it.  

Recently we got a note from our internet service provider (satellite) telling us they had an offer for a FREE box that gets Disney Plus without using ANY of your high speed internet time.  Where do I sign for THAT?  

Then today, we got a news report that says the Disney CEO announced Disney+ will shut down in December.  I’ve heard they’re not putting up staggering numbers like Netflix and others.  I did see a news story this week that a beta-test is coming our way in December combining the Disney+ app with Hulu.  …OK.  

I think part of this is Bob Iger acting responsibly because parents using Disney+ as a babysitter in a box for their kids may have been in for some raised eyebrows when the channel they’d been enjoying started provided programming “not necessarily targeted to Children

Bad hair day

My internet service is pricey so we were really looking forward to this free-ish content being provided.   We’ll wait and see what’s made available when the pixie dust settles.  

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