Get In Shape At Your Desk

I actually like to work out at a gym. But for those who don’t, or who just don’t have the time and/or access there are some options. In fact,  “Fox News” has compiled a list of fitness gadgets that fit under your desk, so you can take a break from the daily grind to torture yourself in a new way. But hey, at least it’s a healthy way!

  1. A balance board: These are designed to work out your stabilizer muscles while you stand on them.
  2. A mini stair stepper: These went viral on TikTok this spring.
  3. A leg peddler: It’s like a mini exercise bike that you can use while sitting in a normal chair, perfect for working out while you work.
  4. A walking pad: Also known as a mini treadmill, these are now thin enough to fit under a desk. Or, you know, you could just go for a walk.
  5. A foot swing: These hook to the bottom of your desk, providing a place to rest your feet and stretch your calves and other leg muscles.
  6. An exercise ball: Use it as your office chair for a workout while you sit.

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