Going To A Holiday Party? Avoid Doing These 5 Rude Things…

If you’re hitting up a holiday party this weekend, you want to be a good guest right? No one wants to be the guest that is talked about when they left, or ruin a party or not invited. So…

Here’s a list of the RUDEST things you can do at a holiday party, to avoid them this year.

1.  Bringing a plus-one without mentioning it.  If you’re dating someone and your host didn’t know, run it by them first instead of just assuming you can show up with a guest. Always ask first! They may need to get more food/drinks or just don’t want a stranger in their space.

2.  Hiding a mess.  Like if you spill red wine on the carpet or couch.  Just fess up so they can clean it. Better to be forgiven at the time and help clean than to be resented for the mess later.

3.  Skipping the dress code.  If the party specifically mentions ugly sweaters or holiday attire, you should stick to the theme.  And if nothing’s specified, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.

4.  Showing up empty-handed.  You should always bring a gift for the host . . . like a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates. The host is doing so much to host a party so might as well show some appreciation in some way.

5.  Getting too drunk.  Space out your drinks and have water in between. Be aware of your audience as well! If there are children around- you should not be getting too drunk anyways.

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