Hang it up!

I’ve always had pretty good luck hanging pictures and things.  I’ve even become good at fixing drywall for all of the things I’ve had to take down when moving.  But this week, I found myself in new territory.  My wife has this big metal sun that she bought at an art fair.  It’s kind of cool and we were thrilled to see that it survived our latest move.  One minor bend that I bent back into shape when it came out of the box and we’re good to go.  Here comes the NEW part.  

Super Double Faced Tape

My wife wants to hang this sun on our screened in back deck.  No problem, except the wall is siding and I don’t want to drive a nail or screw through the siding.   Patching drywall is no big deal.  Patching siding?   No.  But I always have a solution handy.  Solution #1 was this stuff I bought a while back after seeing an impressive video on social media. 

THICK double-faced tapeThey showed someone sticking a brick to a fireplace with this stuff.  I just knew it would work great for this little project.  This sun is not heavy so once I cleaned the siding and put the sun on a little hook attached to the wall with this double faced-super-strong tape, we’re set.  What a joke.  As my wife put it, the sun stuck into the wood deck like a throwing star.  

Hook added to THICK double-faced tape

Since that failed, I will scrap the double faced tape and use the adhesive tabs that came with the hook set as Solution #2.  Stuck to the wall perfectly.  …for about 5 minutes but that also gave up.  So, while at the hardware store getting some other stuff, I looked up some hooks that may work as Solution #3.  As you can see, the load level of these hooks (and their adhesive) is 5 lbs. 

Command Hookse 5 lbs

We’ll see how this goes.  The regular hooks are rated at a half pound or so.  You can actually hear the metal sun stick into the deck like a throwing star when it falls so let’s hope this one works. 

I still don’t understand how someone will demonstrate sticking a brick to a fireplace with double faced tape – even show someone practically doing chin-ups from it but this thin metal star is more than it can handle.  Where are my throwing stars?  I think they know I hate returning things so I’ll keep it, even if it fails.

Success! …Wait

My plan was to put this sun on the wall and take a picture to show you how well it worked with one of the many hook/tape combinations I tried.  With the 5 pound hook from Command, it is hanging on the wall.  The picture has been taken… and it just fell again.  I’m not telling my wife I dropped her sun art thing again.  I just straightened it out and I’ll try again later with a physical hook that doesn’t involve tape or any kind of adhesives.

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