Happy 4th Birthday Pippi!

4 years ago my chicken Buttercup wanted to be a mama.  I gave her 4 fertilized eggs from my friend Melissa.  All 4 hatched.  Only two babies survived.

Here’s a pip in the egg of Pippi.

A cute little yellow chick freshly hatched right out of the egg.

Her feathers dried up  pretty quick and she was so very cute and fluffy.

Here’s Pippi with her brother Toby (yes a Rooster…I gave to WFLS listener, Ellen).

Pippi was a cute little chick!

Her eyeliner is on point!  🙂

She was an adventurous chick.  She’s flying down to her mama from the old coop.  Toby is on the ground watching her bravery.  Buttercup doesn’t look happy.  haha

Pippi’s feathers started turning red pretty quickly.  And the golden book- “A Little Red Hen” is her favorite.

I spoil all my girls with their own birthday cake to celebrate their hatch day!  Pippi has ocular mareks so it’s hard for her to see.  But I know she can see watermelon.  It’s her favorite treat!  So I made her cake out of a nice cold watermelon slice and decorated it real pretty to make it special.

Here’s the cake close up.  It’s loaded with some tomatoes and flowers from my garden.  As well as plenty of Happy Hen Treats.

Here she is first checking out her cake.  I think she loves it!

Happy Birthday Pippi!!!!

Once she was done she let her mama and aunts have some.  They devoured it all in no time.

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