Happy Birthday to Pippi!  She hatched out of her little egg 2 years ago today.  Buttercup sat on her egg for 21 days.

Here she is just out of her egg.

She fluffed up pretty quickly.  She’s here with her brother Toby.  Toby was given away to listener, Ellen.

Pippi got her birthday this morning before the other girls were allowed out of the coop.  Since Pippi is on the bottom of the pecking order I made sure she enjoyed her cake in peace.  haha

You can make a chicken cake too.  You probably have everything on hand.  I just use the layer pellets feed.  Add to a bowl with a little water and mash it up.  Then I form a cake on a paper plate.  I top off with favorite treats and there you have it.

After I let all the girls have some it was gone in no time.


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