Happy Earth Day! Here Are Three Easy Things We Should All Be Doing to Help the Planet

A habit takes 30 days to set into place and when it comes to helping the planet, its all about putting habits into place. You don’t have to join a big conservation campaign that takes a lot of time and money to make an impact. In fact, all you need to do are simple daily habits to help the planet.

For instance:

1.  Stop wasting leftovers.  It’ll save you money too.   If you buy food, eat it.  It takes a lot of water and resources to grow all those vegetables you buy and let rot.

2.  Stop overusing napkins.  Do you really need more than one to get through a meal?   It also seems like no one uses cloth napkins at home anymore even though they’re more sustainable.

3.  Reusable grocery bags.  Stop telling the checkout person you “forgot” them at home again.  And don’t pretend you’ll really reuse all those plastic bags you’ve got balled up.  It’s not that hard to remember once it’s a habit.

So on this Earth day, make it a point to adopt one of these habits and help save the planet.


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