Happy Quitters Day!

Quitter’s Day: the notorious second Friday in January when resolutions seem to crumble like a house of cards. It’s like the universe decided to test our commitment to change, and apparently, most of us are waving the white flag by now. Brace yourself – Sunday is the day temptation might just win.

The secret survival tip for Quitter’s Day?  Try these:

1.  Be more realistic and slow down.  Don’t try to make it happen all at once.  Instead of abandoning your resolution, just adjust it.

2.  Remember progress isn’t always linear.  Setbacks are inevitable.  They don’t have to mean you failed.  Instead of Quitter’s Day, think of it as “Correction Day.”

3.  Celebrate what you HAVE accomplished.  Maybe you said you’d work out five days a week, but you’ve only done it two days a week.  Good for you!  Now keep it up and try to build on that.

4.  Don’t use Quitter’s Day as an excuse to give up.  It’s really supposed to be a day for RESTARTING your resolution.  So hit the reset button, reassess whether your goals are realistic or not, and dial back if needed.


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