Hate Mornings? Maybe This Can Help!

Not everyone is a morning person and I will admit that I am one of them (yes, I know I work on morning radio but that is besides the point). It is so hard to pry yourself away from the cozy comfort of your bed early in the morning to get your day started. So most of us must find alternative ways to perk us up in the morning… but are these things really helping us or actually hurting us in the morning?

If you are looking to make yourself more of a morning person, you may want to avoid doing these five things because they are not helping you…

1.  Hitting the snooze button actually causes you to enter a sleep cycle you won’t be able to finish, so you’ll wake up even more tired.

2.  Checking your email or social media first thing. Social media is like a black hole and by the time you find your way out of it you have been laying in bed another hour and are late.

3.  Leave your bed unmade.  According to research, making your bed is associated with increased productivity throughout the rest of the day… so that’s what I have been doing wrong.

4.  Drink coffee. Sorry coffee drinkers!! Your body naturally produces higher amounts of the stress hormone cortisol, which regulates energy, between 8 and 9 in the morning.  So for most people the best time to drink coffee is after 9:30 A.M…. so you can still drink it but not right away.

5.  Getting ready in the dark.  It can be hard to turn the lights on and open the window shades first thing in the morning.  But getting ready in the dark can signal to your body that it’s still nighttime and make you feel more tired.

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