Have A Pet? Check Out The FREE Amber Alert Service For Lost Pets, “FidoAlert”

This is genius and I don’t know why it was not thought of sooner.

If you are a pet owner, you understand your pets are your babies and just as important as your kids. In fact for some of us, our pets are our kids. So what would you do if you lost your beloved animal, probably panic right? Well, now you don’t have to as much!

There’s a free service called FidoAlert that’s like an Amber Alert for pets.  And it doesn’t cost anything. If you sign up at FidoAlert.com, they send you a free I.D. tag with their name on it and a QR code. If someone finds your pet and scans the QR, you get a text and email to let you know they’ve been found.

Some people prefer it because you don’t have to list any personal info on the tag, like your phone number.  Like a lot of sites, they make money by collecting data about you, and your pet.  But the tag itself it free.

While it’s still recommended to get your pets microchipped, it’s also a good idea to look into this service as well. Microchipping requires the finder to take the animal into the vet to scan the chip and locate the family while FidoAlert allows the finder ease of access to connect with the owner in a faster manner.

Keep your pets safe and check it out!

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