Having A Baby? Check Out The List Of The Top “Disney-inspired baby names”

Whether you are having a bay anytime soon or just planning ahead, choosing a name is going to be the hardest decision of your lifetime- or at least one of the hardest decisions. I mean you want to make sure you pick the right name for your kid right? It should match their personality and be one that won’t be made fun of in school. That’s a lot of pressure! But one way to make sure you are picking a good name, is to be inspired by everyone’s favorite movies, young and old, Disney movies.

So let me help give you some inspiration. A new study has looked at the Social Security Administration and found the top 10 trending Disney-inspired baby names for the year.

  1. Merida, “Brave”
  2. Koda, “Brother Bear”
  3. Moana, “Moana”
  4. Finnick, “Zootopia”
  5. Mirabel, “Encanto”
  6. Ariel, “The Little Mermaid”
  7. Flynn, “Tangled”
  8. Raya, “Raya and the Last Dragon”
  9. Camilo, “Encanto”
  10. Elsa, “Frozen”

Bonus: Specifically in Virginia, the top name is “Ariel”.

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