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Help Grow Forests of Tomorrow

The Virginia Department of Forestry needs your help.  They need you to collect acorns and nuts from trees so they can be planted at the Augusta Forestry Center which will then be sold to Virginia landowners next year.

Collect acorns and nuts from the listed tree species:

*Black Oak

*Black Walnut

*Chinese Chesnut

*Chestnut Oak

*Swamp Chesnut Oak

*Swamp White Oak

*White Oak

*Willow Oak

*Live Oak

*Northern Red Oak

*Pin Oak

*Southern Red Oak


Store the seeds in paper bags.  Don’t mix species and be sure to date the collection.  Store in a cool area, no more than 10 days before dropping off.

You can deliver them to your local VDOF office before October 16th.  Office locations can be found here.

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