The Top 15 “Naughty Air Travel Habits”

It’s officially summer as of today! Which also means it’s also travel season and if you have ever been on an airplane, you understand that there is a certain unsaid etiquette when it comes to riding on a plane. These are unspoken rules to keep everybody happy and enjoying their flights.

Now if you don’t know of these rules, let me help you out by sharing the things NOT to do when traveling by air. In a new poll, 78% of Americans say air travel etiquette has worsened over the past few years.  Here are the things happening most often that you should NOT do:

1.  Putting bags on seats in the terminal.

2.  Reclining your seat on the plane without asking.

3.  Not putting your phone on airplane mode.

4.  Passing gas in your seat.

5.  Leaving garbage in the seat pocket.

6. Asking people to switch seats on the plane.

7.  Lying down in the terminal.

8.  Using both armrests, if you’re not in the middle seat.

9.  Hanging or resting your legs in the aisle.

10.  Ignoring the seatbelt sign.

11.  Pushing on or kicking the seat in front of you.

12.  Drinking too much.

13.  Wearing strong cologne or perfume.

14.  Going barefoot on the plane.

15.  Bringing strong-smelling food on the plane. Please, please stop doing this! I get sick every time because of this!

So do yourself and the rest of us a favor, be a polite plane passenger, please and thank you.

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