How Are Our Table Manners These Days…

To the one in nine individuals who engage in this behavior, rest assured, we’re all aware. Yes, we know.

It’s reported that 11% of Americans openly admit to chewing with their mouths open, and surprisingly, this occurs not just in the privacy of their homes, but even in restaurants, for all to witness.

Here are ten timeless etiquette guidelines, along with the percentage of people who adhere to them in 2024:

  1. Refraining from talking with your mouth full: 81% endeavor to uphold this standard.
  2. Politely asking, “Can you pass that?” rather than reaching across the table: 73% make the effort not to stretch.
  3. Waiting until everyone’s food arrives before starting to eat: 69% claim they observe this courtesy.
  4. Politely excusing oneself when leaving the table: 67% adhere to this practice. (Wondering what the rest are up to? Perhaps a loud declaration of their departure?)
  5. Refraining from adding salt or pepper until after tasting the food: 61% typically follow this guideline, recognizing it as impolite to season before sampling.
  6. Keeping phones off the table: 60% assert they usually stow their phones away.
  7. Avoiding placing elbows on the table: 58% show care by refraining from this habit.
  8. Placing the napkin in one’s lap: Only 55% typically adhere to this tradition.
  9. Using cutlery from the outside in, such as the salad fork before the dinner fork: 38% acknowledge doing so. (Who knew dining with multiple forks could be so sophisticated?)
  10. Arranging dishes and silverware to ease the waitstaff’s cleanup: 69% contribute to this effort.

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