National Lucky Penny Day

Today marks National Lucky Penny Day, a time when you might just stumble upon that fortunate copper coin lying on the ground. Surprisingly, half of America wouldn’t even consider bending down to pick it up.

A recent survey posed the question, “What’s the smallest-value coin you would bother to pick up off the street?”

Half of the respondents admitted they’d stoop for a penny! REALLY? For a penny? Not me.

Not too shocking considering another recent poll found that 13% of men would even snatch a penny from a urinal. Again, NOT ME.

For 11%, a penny isn’t worth the effort, but they’d gladly pocket a nickel. Another 6% would bend for a dime, while 13% more would pause for a quarter. Strangely, an additional 3% claimed they’d only bother if it was “larger than a quarter.” Are they expecting to find rare half dollars or dollar coins lying around?

Interestingly, 10% of those surveyed wouldn’t bother picking up any coin they spotted on the street.

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