How To Choose The Perfect Watermelon!

First watermelon of the summer was a score at the Water’s residence! Nothing better than choosing one that’s perfect, and just in case your guessing (like I always am) knocking on it, inspecting it from all angles, and still not knowing how to find a good one…here’s my wife’s system, it’s fairly simple:

     Check the Field Spot

  • Field Spot Color: Look for a creamy, yellowish spot on the watermelon, known as the field spot. This spot indicates where the watermelon sat on the ground and ripened in the sun. The darker the yellow, the longer it ripened and the sweeter it will be.
    • Uniform Shape: Choose a watermelon with a consistent shape, whether it’s round or oval. Irregularities can indicate inconsistent growth and potentially less flavor.
    • Lift and Compare Weight

      • Heaviness: Pick up the watermelon and compare it to others of similar size. A ripe watermelon will feel heavy for its size, meaning it’s full of water.
      • Check the Sugar Spots and Bee Stings

        • Bee Stings: These are small black spots on the watermelon, indicating bees have been trying to get to the sweet flesh. It’s often a sign of high sugar content.

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