I finally tried Log Home Brewing company
Log Cabin Restaurant

Have you ever driven by a restaurant hundreds of times and then finally pulled in to try it?  I saw this place on the way to Lake Anna and just put it on the list of places to try with my wife.  From the outside, it looked to me like a good “biscuits and gravy” breakfast place with pancakes, waffles and more.  And it might be but we got there about 1:30 on Sunday afternoon and they were in pro-football mode.  

The cheeseburger I got was incredible and the fries were even better.  Did I mention my wife’s favorite food is whatever I’m having?  She got the panini that I guess was OK but she kept taking bites of my cheeseburger.  The inside of this place was smaller than expected but the people were really nice and proud of their microbrew line.   

If you’re a football fan, you’ll love it.  They had games on inside and out and for commercial breaks on TV or at times when the game was slow, they have corn hole games setup and ready to play.  To my surprise, there is even a covered stage and seating for 100 or more for a music act to play to a crowd.  

I need to become more of a microbrew fan.  I’m more of a Budweiser, Bud Light or Coors fan but there is a world of flavored microbrews out there to be tried.  But, next time you are in the neighborhood on your way to or from Lake Anna, drop in at the Log Home.  If you get the burger, get 2 or make sure your guest gets one too or you’ll leave having eaten half of what you expected. 

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