I Love This Game
Football Season is HERE

Now that football season is here, I’m torn.  

  • I love football but hate post-game interviews.  I can’t dive for the remote fast enough after the game to turn off the interviews.  
  • I love when my favorite teams score but I hate touchdown dances.  Spike the ball if you want.  Better yet, toss the ball to the ref.  But if you want to do a choreographed dance number, go try your luck on Broadway.  Just don’t do that on the field.  
  • I tend to root for underdogs but laughed today when a team down 25 to 9 with 1:37 left to play called a time out.  Why?  You have no chance.  Live to fight another day.  
  • With less than 3 minutes to play in the game I was watching, I saw a player on the sidelines who’d just recovered a fumble for a team getting slaughtered yell, “Let’s GO!”   Dude, there’s less than 3 minutes left.  Your team has done all the GOing they had in them for the last 57 minutes of playing time.  If you think it is now time to “Get GOING“, perhaps that’s part of the problem.    
  • I love it when players “hot dog” it but I don’t like arrogant players at all.
  • I found myself rooting for the Tampa Bay Bucks last year after rooting AGAINST Tom Brady for years in New England.  I never saw that coming.  As I said, I’m torn.  You?

What are you torn about?


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