Are we too WiFi’d?

Are we too WiFi’d? I mean, my thermostat and door locks are one thing, but I nearly bought a crockpot that’s got built in WiFi.  I’m not sure if I’m supposed to cook with it or have a video call. Can you imagine? “Hey Siri, how long until my beef stew is ready?” And Siri replies, “Sorry, I’m experiencing a connection issue with your slow-cooker. Please stand by while we attempt to troubleshoot.” I don’t need my kitchen appliances getting into arguments with my router. Sometimes, simplicity is the real recipe for success. And yet…I want it.

It doesn’t stop there. Recently my wife and I were shopping for a new refrigerator, and we considered one that has…yup WiFi.  Not only does it keep your food cold, but it also sends you little reminders like, “Hey there, buddy, you’re running low on milk! Better hit the dairy aisle.”  But hey, at least we’ll never forget the eggs again – our fridge will be nagging us about them 24/7!

Even though I’m asking how much is too much connectivity, I actually can’t get enough. It makes life easier and makes me feel like I’m already living in the future. How many more things in life will we be asking, “does this have WiFi built in”?

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