If You Don’t Use All Your Vacation Days, Here’s Why You Should

I don’t know about you but I am the type to not use all of my vacation days at work. I have multiple reasons for this, whether it is because I try to save them as they are my sick days in case I get sick or I just don’t plan ahead for pop up events. However the biggest reason is because I feel guilty. I feel guilty leaving the extra work behind for other people to do on top of their own work and make them stressed while I go on vacation.

Does this sound like you too? Trust me I totally feel you but what I have come to realize, is that not taking my vacation days is actually worse than leaving extra work for someone else to do. Experts say that you should take all the vacation days that are available to you in order to have good mental health. You see if you don’t take the vacation days available whether out of guilt or other reasons you will get stuck in a rut, start feeling depressed, overworked and basically burned out (been there). You work quality will decrease, your energy will decrease and basically your joy for life will disappear.

However, if you do take these vacation days your quality of life will increase. You will feel refreshed, more creative, be more productive and have more energy to life life to the fullest. Understanding that everyone needs a mental break once in awhile is the first step towards positive mental health and a good quality of life. So as the year comes to an end,  make sure to use all those vacation days this year, whether it is to just sleep in a little later and binge watch TV all day or to go on a mini vacation somewhere.

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