I Really Need You To Quit Your New Years Resolution

I have a problem and I believe the only solution to this problem is for people to stop trying to follow through with their new years fitness resolutions. Let me explain.

I am an avid yogi who tries to go to yoga (hot or normal) at least 3 to 4 times a week. I got into a routine last year with boyfriend of going and we have found our favorite classes and teaches to go to. Everything has been going on schedule until January hit of this year. We haven’t been able to get into our normal yoga classes or honestly any classes as much this year due to classes being full. Why is this? Because the classes are full of all new people trying to hit their new years resolution to be healthier.

I am all for bettering yourself but it’s starting to interrupt my class schedule and I am not able to practice my yoga, which is my sanity, as much anymore. So I realize there is only one solution. For all the newbies to give up their 2024 resolutions of trying to be healthy by going to yoga this year. I think it’s only fair for those of us who are long time yogi’s that we get into classes first to continue our practice and for those who are just jumping on their resolutions to wait. Honestly, we are two days from February and you all know your drive to workout more is going to dwindle once January is over like it always does so I say just do us all a favor and back out sooner rather than later so that the regulars can get back into class.

Please and thank you.

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