7 of the Laziest Dog Breeds

If you think your dog is one of the laziest on the planet, well you may be a right. A new study has come out listing the top laziest dog breeds there are. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing! If you have a busy lifestyle and can’t handle a high energy dog or maybe you like a laidback cuddle bug, this list can help you find the perfect breed for you.

Here are the top 7 laziest dog breeds:

  1. Basset Hound: This breed is perfect for families looking for a loyal and affectionate companion who also enjoys lounging on the couch.
  2. English Bulldog: Known for being pretty low maintenance and require very little exercise.
  3. Pug: Pugs are brachycephalic which makes it harder for them to breath, and therefore, they can’t handle as much exercise as other dogs.
  4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: This breed is known for being sweethearts and just wants all the cuddles.
  5. Great Dane: Known for their gentle and friendly demeanor, Great Danes are also very loyal and protective and don’t require much exercise.
  6. Chow Chow: Very low energy breed with a protective nature.
  7. Shih Tzu: Playful but not especially high-energy. More of a lap dog.

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