Kudos Buffalo Football Fans, But I Don’t Think I’d Do It!

I love my football team, but I don’t think I’d shovel for them.
Cold and snow have proven to be my kryptonite. Buffalo football fans however showed incredible dedication and camaraderie as they took matters into their own hands, quite literally, by shoveling the stands ahead of their game Monday. Sure, they were asked by the organization and even paid 20 bucks an hour for the effort, but still! Braving harsh weather conditions, these passionate supporters demonstrated their unwavering commitment to their team.
I like to think I would get out there and shovel away, “take one for the team” so to speak. But I’m pretty sure I just wouldn’t. Even if I had great seats, I’d be too cold and wet to stay for the game!

95% sure it would be the couch, fireplace, and TV for this guy.
Would you shovel for your team?

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