Lumberjack Shot

Odd things impress me as I travel earth.  I saw this on Route 1 last weekend.  At first glance, it’s hard to see what’s “impressive” about this but when I looked closer, I was amazed.  It’s just a tree that someone cut down …and a barn. No big deal, right?   

What I found amazing is the spacing of what you and I see here.  For rough numbers, let’s estimate the space between the tree and the barn as 100 feet.  That tree has to be about 99 feet 6 inches tall and somebody landed it perfectly.  Look.  The windows on the barn are still intact.  The top limbs of the tree are right next to the barn.  Who pulled off that shot?  For a minute, I thought perhaps they measured it but in reality, I don’t see anyone climbing that tree with a tape measure and then stretching it out from the tree trunk to the barn.  No, this was more of, “I think ‘bout there ought to do it”. 

I’m impressed.  The tips of those branches may have come close or even brushed the barn as the tree dropped.  

We’ve all seen people on YouTube and others do this poorly where they drop a tree on the house, on the car, in the pool or wherever.  This expert shot landed right where it needed to go and didn’t take out the barn.  

Photo by Jeff Cochran 

And now, we need to all raise a can of beer to salute the lumberjack who pulled off that shot.  Well done! 

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