Mario Kart MushroomsI sent this photo to a friend and they spent a while trying to figure out the puzzle.  It’s not a puzzle at all.  Just a point of reference.  We’ve had mushrooms showing up in our yard lately that are larger than a softball.  To show the size of this (slightly smaller) mushroom, I added a dollar bill to the photo just to give you some idea how large these things are.  The friend I sent this to has been to our house 50 times or more and each time playing Mario Kart.  I planned to explain the dollar but before I did, he sent back a note saying he was “confused but up for the challenge of figuring it out”.  We’ve had mushrooms twice this size show up in our yard recently but at the time, I didn’t think to click a picture.  Part of me is curious wondering which mushrooms you can eat or not but I’ve heard enough horror stories about those who guess wrong playing that game, so the mushrooms that make it to the table at our house started out at Wegman’s or Weis market.   But since our yard is shaded by trees on all sides, it seems to be ideal for growing gigantic mushrooms when you throw in some morning dew.  When I start my car, I hear the Wii video game starting line theme music.

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