Meet My Chicken Monday

Thank you Karen for sharing your two Speckled Sussex ladies with us.  Karen says Thelma & Louise are a heritage breed from Sussex England and are 7-8 lbs.  The girls have a beautiful mahogany feather with a black bar and white speckles on the tips of the feathers with an iridescent green top.  So very pretty!  They were bred to be meat birds that were tweaked for laying.

Thelma & Louise are very chatty, curious and docile.  Karen and her family enjoys them for their super friendly chatty nature.

Thelma & Louise just laid their first eggs a few weeks ago.  I know how EGG-citing that is.  haha

Thanks you Karen for sharing Thelma & Louise with us.  We love them!

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If you own chickens then please let me know.  I will talk about them on the air on WFLS and also spotlight them on my blog at!

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