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Thank you so much to Lisa Steele from Fresh Eggs Daily for letting me feature her today.  I’ve been a huge fan of Lisa’s for  many years now.  If I need chicken advice I go to her website and find what I’m looking for.  She also has wonderful ideas and tips to keep your flock healthy and happy.

Lisa lives in Maine on a small farm in the woods with her husband, her mixed flock of almost 3 dozen chickens, ducks and geese, their corgi Winston and their tuxedo cat Linus.  Lisa is a 5th generation chicken keeper and grew up in Massachusetts across the street from her grandparents chicken farm.  They emigrated to the US from Finland and also owned a diner (her grandfather was apparently quite the pie baker!) and also supplied other restaurants with eggs and meat.  Lisa raised chickens as a kid, but only got back into it as an adult in 2009 after a short stint on Wall Street post-college and owning a bookstore on Long Island for a few years.  She is so proud to be carrying on her family tradition and know her grandparents would be proud!  She’s written six books on backyard poultry and focuses on natural old timers methods for raising the happiest, healthiest flock.

Full house!  Lisa opened up the coop to let her chickens and ducks free range for a bit while she was mixing feed, and she turned around to find them all crowded into the coop. The geese had herded them all inside while her back was turned!  So silly!

Such lovely chickens!

Here’s some hens waiting for their treats.  A lot of us know this look!   haha

Fresh eggs!

A cute little chick!

Lisa is currently working on a cookbook with Harper Horizon and is SUPER excited about that!  She also has been hosting a TV show called ‘Welcome to my Farm’ on NBC in Maine for the last 2 years.  All the episodes are available on YouTube.  And you might have seen her on ‘Martha Knows Best’ hosted by Martha Stewart on HGTV last fall!

Lisa says if there’s one silver lining to come out of 2020, it’s that more and more people are deciding to raise chickens, grow gardens, really get excited about spending time at home growing and raising healthy food for their families.  Lisa doesn’t eat her chickens (although she has the utmost respect for those who raise meat animals) but she sure does enjoy their eggs.

All her chickens, ducks and geese have names, of course, and they continue to feed and love them well past their laying prime.

I love that one of her chickens is named Bonnie.  Such a great name!  haha

Lisa has some exciting things planned for 2021 and I can’t wait to see what they are.  Be sure to sign up for Lisa’s newsletter for seasonal tips and to be the first to hear what’s going on around her farm.

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