Meet My Chicken Monday

Thank you so much to Kaitlyn for sharing Peppy the cow with us today.

Peppy, he is a longhorn cross (with angus?).  He came to Kaitlyn as a bottle baby, because sadly his mother didn’t make it.  Peppy wasn’t even brought home for Kaitlyn.  Her dad gave her brother the responsibility, however her brother didn’t really want to do it.  Kaitlyn really didn’t like nor care for cows, but little did she know that she would grow extremely close to Peppy.
Kaitlyn would get up super early in the morning, and made sure Peppy had his bottle.  This continued until he was old enough to eat grass/hay/grain.  The whole time Kaitlyn was thinking ‘ok how I could save him’, that’s when she decided to start trying to “ride” Peppy.  She worked day in and day out to make sure he would get used to weight on his back (small amounts gradually getting bigger), and would practice with him by standing over him, or by slightly sitting on him, thankfully once he got big enough she could fully sit on him, while he grazed.
Kaitlyn worked with Peppy a lot, just by socializing him with people. Thankfully, because Peppy was a bottle baby and a “mutt” he grew very slow, and wasn’t a big cow, in the end she think that’s what gave them enough time to figure out a farm for him to stay.  He now lives on a family friends farm, and Kaitlyn likes to bring him nachos with cheese, cookies, cupcakes, you name it. Peppy gets to live happily ever after, and Kaitlyn truly believes it is because he acts like a giant puppy, and a weird horse.  And who wouldn’t love a rideable cow???  Kaitlyn tells people all the time that she has a cow that she can ride, it’s one of her fun facts. And people just look at her like “no way” “not possible”.

Thank you so much for sharing Peppy’s wonderful story with us Kaitlyn!

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