Meet My Chicken Monday

Thank you Karlina for sharing one of your chickens with us today for Meet My Chicken Monday.

Say hello to Onyx.

She’s a black silkie chicken.

She’s always near Karlina and is ALWAYS looking for treats.  She’s the first one to run up to her when she goes outside.  She’s also super sweet.

Do you or a friend have chickens?  Do you want your chickens featured for “Meet My Chicken Monday”?

Send pictures with their names and descriptions to [email protected]

*If you’ve already submitted pictures of your chickens and want to send some new ones please do.  There’s no limit on how many times you can be featured.

**Have you missed a “Meet My Chicken Monday” post?  Then click here to find a past post.

***Keep up with the Miller Flock @CluckingFantastic (Buttercup, Grace, Molly and Pippi) on Instagram or Facebook.  Like and Follow us!

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