Meet My Chicken Monday

“Meet My Chicken Monday” is back!  I love featuring your chickens.  Keep sending me your chicken pics so I can keep spotlighting your chickens.

My Mother has a really good friend that she has known since they were 13.  They are pen pals and have never met in person but they have remained in contact over the years.

Her name is Lea and she lives in Sydney, Australia.  How awesome is that?  Lea wanted to be part of “Meet My Chicken Monday” so you could see her flock.  In Australia they call chickens Chooks.

Let’s meet Lea’s chickens/chooks from down under shall we?  She has four Australorps which are Native to Australia.  Their names are Big Girl, Feisty, Liberty Belle and Little Chook which are all named after their physical characteristics or personality traits.  These ladies are Lea’s third batch of chickens.
This is Big Girl.

Two of the girls pecking for seeds.

Feisty standing on the grain-hopper waiting to be let out.

Three girls, Little Chook in the middle, pecking up strewn grain before the rosellas get it all.

Big Girl, contemplating leaving home.

Liberty Belle or Big Girl scrounging around the compost bins.

Three girls slightly out of focus and a couple of resident rosellas waiting for the rosella buffet.

Lea also wanted to share that an Australian Broadcasting Corporation programme called Land Line, the content of which focuses on the happenings in rural Australia. One segment was about a new breed of free-range chicken farming and I do mean “free range.” The hens run about on pasture land and have a portable house  which the farmer hitches to his tractor every few days and drags it along a hundred yards or so.  It was really comical to watch the chickens chasing after the home as it moved away!  The eggs produced are really expensive to purchase but the farmer said he didn’t have any trouble shifting his product and could sell even more.

Thank you so much Lea for sharing with us today.


Do you or a friend have chickens?  Do you want your chickens featured for “Meet My Chicken Monday”?

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