Meet My Chicken Monday

Thank you Rebecca for sharing your flock with us today.   Rebecca is a first time chicken mama.  She said they have 14 silkie chickens.  They got the chicks at 3 days old.

Her husband built their chicken coop from scratch and it looks AMAZING!

Some of the chickens have names.  Say hello to Cardi-B, Pep with one step (his leg is gimp from birth), Daisy, and Henry, just to name a few.  Rebecca said they like naming them as their personalities are forming.

Looks like these chicks and chick parents are having fun!

Rebecca’s husband was being silly and he showed the chicks a chicken wing with some buffalo sauce.  Rebecca says “Don’t worry, we are raising them as pets that will provide eggs. They will never be served as food”. 🤪

Happy Chickens cozy in their coop.

WFLS loves your feathered babies and they can be featured too!

Send your chicken pictures with their names and descriptions to [email protected]

*If you’ve already submitted pictures of your chickens and want to send some new ones please do.  There’s no limit on how many times you can be featured.

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